Yesica, 6


Yesica's Wish: "I wish to have a shopping spree"
Granted By: GUTS 2017

Although the month of February is recognized as Heart Health Month, wish kid Yesica has to think about the health of her heart every single day. She was born with a heart condition that required her to eventually receive a heart transplant. Despite the challenges Yesica has faced, she continues to be a happy girl who enjoys spending time with her family, watching Frozen, and, just like so many little girls, going shopping!

When thinking of her wish, she immediately knew she wanted to go shopping so she could buy everything her heart desired. Yesica and her family received the royal treatment as they were picked up for her shopping spree in a limo. Their first stop was Toys "R" Us where she met Geoffrey the Giraffe and had so much fun shopping for new toys. Her jaw dropped when she saw all the Frozen toys in the store, and she bought nearly every single one. Next it was time to head to Target where she picked out a TV, karaoke machine, and Frozen bedding. After a busy morning, they stopped for lunch at Olive Garden where Yesica enjoyed her favorite meal: pepperoni pizza. After lunch, Yesica received one extra surprise: a trip to Build-A-Bear! This was truly the highlight of the day and the store employees went above and beyond. Yesica picked out a rainbow colored bear, which she named Teddy Bear, and then they inserted two sound machines to press on each paw. The first one was recorded with her favorite Frozen song and the other one was recorded with her mom's voice saying "I love you Yesica." She then washed and brushed her bear and picked an outfit which included Elsa's princess dress, a pair of slippers and a princess crown.

Yesica's brother could not have wrapped up the day any better when he expressed, "This was the best day ever!" A wish, however, goes beyond one 'best day ever' and truly leaves an impact on the lives of wish children, their families, volunteers, supporters and entire communities even after the wish is granted. Now, every evening when Yesica says goodnight to her rainbow teddy bear, she will be reminded of her amazing wish and the joy that she felt.