Tayah, 7

Heart Condition

Tayah's Wish: "I wish to go to Discovery Cove to swim with a dolphin!"
Granted By: GUTS 2017

It's difficult to imaging a seven-year-old experiencing multiple heart attacks, but wish kid Tayah knows the stresses and worries that follow these incidents all too well. When thinking about her wish, Tayah knew she wanted to do something involving animals, swimming and maybe visiting a water park. She decided a wish to go to Discovery Cove and swim with a dolphin would be the perfect wish for her!

Tayah's wish came true on her first full day in Florida. Her family journeyed to Discovery Cove where they enjoyed relaxing on the beautiful beaches before visiting the dolphin lagoon. Tayah waded out into the water and went nose to bottlenose with her new best friend Luna. She had so much fun petting, swimming and splashing around with her. Tayah also had the chance to give her a kiss before her visit was over! As a reminder of the incredible experience she had, Tayah got a stuffed dolphin to take home and give her strength to face her ongoing worries.,/

Tayah's wish gave her and her family a chance to relax and enjoy time together without the worries of treatments.