Olin, 17


Olin's Wish: "I wish to go to the John Deere World Headquarters"
Granted By: GUTS 2014

Olin was diagnosed with testicular cancer in June of 2014. After nine weeks of intense chemotherapy, his cancer is now in remission. Together with his father, Phillip, mom, Cheryl, and sister, Ashlin, Olin enjoyed two full days of activities at the John Deere World Headquarters in Moline, Illinois. Olin is the third-generation in the Austin family farming business and has grown up around and working on John Deere equipment his entire life. "It's [farming] all I've ever known," Olin told us, "It's just part of our lifestyle", "my father and I always talked about touring the factory so it was a really easy choice" (in regards to deciding what he wanted to do for his Wish). The highlight of the trip for Olin was touring Harvester Works (the John Deere factory where their farming/harvesting equipment is built) where Olin was able to try his hand at operating various pieces of construction equipment using simulators.

The CRAFTED crew had the privilege to take Olin and his family out to dinner in March 2015. They are an awesome group of people. Olin is humble and respectable young man — you would assume a teenager who had been diagnosed with cancer may speak to his misfortune, but it was the exact opposite. Olin has a charismatic attitude, go-getter personality and kindheartedness about him that seems pretty uncommon among kids his age, let alone one who has beat cancer. He's already been through a lot at seventeen but you would never it by the way he carries himself.

Meeting Olin really brought GUTS full circle for us at CRAFTED. We knew through GUTS we'd be able to enrich lives of children but never imagined the impact it would also have on our own lives. We are all truly inspired by Olin, and other kids like him who are fighting these battles every day.