Morgan, 17


Morgan's Wish: "I wish to have a shopping spree!"
Granted By: GUTS 2016

Wish kid Morgan is a smart, soft-spoken, 17-year-old who is an avid reader and huge fan of the Harry Potter series. Morgan was diagnosed with a Gastrointestinal Disorder that has kept her hospitalized for some time. During her downtime waiting for appointments and treatment, Morgan can be found getting lost in a new book or watching her favorite shows: The Walking Dead and Vampire Diaries. When thinking of her wish, Morgan couldn't wait for a chance to escape reality and wanted to get her mind off of her frequent hospital visits. Morgan wished to have a shopping spree where she could spend the day at the mall and buy whatever her heart desired!

The day started off with Morgan and her family being picked up in a limo and taken to Toys"R"Us where she was greeted by the friendly staff who helped her pick out a PS4 and games to go with it. Next, it was time to head to Concord Mills Mall where she could shop until her heart's content. Being the passionate book lover that she is, it was no surprise Morgan's next stop was to Books-A-Million where she stocked up on all the books she could get her hands on. After getting over 20 books, Morgan picked up some clothes at Old Navy and Hot Topic and stocked up on tons of nice smelling candles at Bath & Body Works. She finished the day with a trip to GameStop to get a few more PS4 games and with a little money left over, Morgan headed back to Books-A-Million for one final look. After having too many bags to even carry, Morgan and her family enjoyed a delicious dinner at Texas Roadhouse.

During the entire wish day, Morgan's mom could not get over how much energy Morgan had and how happy she looked. Thanks to all the friendly staff and volunteers of the various stores, Morgan had an amazing experience, one that she will cherish forever. Now each time she reads one of her new books or plays her PS4 she will be reminded of her unforgettable wish day.