Lindsey, 9


Alexis' Wish: "I wish to have a golf cart!"
Granted By: GUTS 2016

With a love of nature, all things purple, and her family, wish kid Lindsey leaves a lasting impression on whomever she meets with her infectious smile and sweet disposition. Diagnosed with an uncontrolled seizure disorder, Lindsey is unable to do many things that a normal 9-year-old can do. Despite the hardships brought on by her condition, Lindsey and her family are a tight knit bunch and she is constantly surrounded with love and support. When presented with the possibility of a wish, Lindsey immediately knew she wanted something to help her spend more time outside with her family. After some brainstorming, Lindsey wished for a golf cart mirroring the one she loves to ride in at her grandparents' house!

Personalized to meet her style and medical needs, Lindsey's golf cart is anything but ordinary. It is a reflection of her favorite things - with a shiny, purple exterior and a Tigger decal bouncing around on the side. The cart even has a racing strap placed inside so Lindsey is able to ride around securely and independently. When given her custom golf cart, Lindsey was over the moon with excitement and could not wait to start riding around!

Lindsey's wish is one that keeps on giving. She is now able to get around more freely, which allows her to spend more time outside with her family. The memories that they will make and the adventures they will have because of Lindsey's golf cart are sure to be cherished for a lifetime!