Kobe, 18

Nervous System Disorder

Kobe's Wish: "I wish to build my own gaming computer!"
Granted By: GUTS 2017

A wish takes an entire community coming together to provide an unforgettable experience for a child and their family. When Kobe said he wanted to build his very own gaming computer, Make-A-Wish® enlisted the help of UNC Greensboro and their Information Technology Services department. "I was immediately interested when UNCG was connected with Make-A-Wish to build a gaming PC" said John Gale, ITS Security Specialist. For Kobe, the most exciting part of having a gaming computer is the ability to stay connected with his friends online. After being diagnosed with a nervous system disorder, Kobe is confined to a wheelchair and is no longer able to play basketball or lacrosse like he used to. However, he doesn't let his condition stop him from living his life to the fullest—going to prom, spending time with friends and family, and graduating from high school.

As the planning of Kobe's wish continued, the team found out what exact parts Kobe was looking for and what he envisioned for his computer. "We've got the day planned out and I'm looking forward to a great build day, from opening all the boxes, hands on assembly, and final setup," said John. "I think Kobe is going to have a lot of fun." On the day of the build, Kobe's eyes lit up as he opened box after box of equipment. John walked him through each step of the build and everything went off without a hitch! He said, "I think he will have a real sense of pride in what he built as he looks back on it."

Kobe's new computer will be a great asset for him as he is planning to start college in the fall where he hopes to study Computer Science.