Grayson, 15


Grayson's Wish: "I wish to have a WaveRunner"
Granted By: GUTS 2017

When a child is facing a critical illness it often leaves them feeling isolated and alone. For a freshman in high school, this reality can be even more difficult. Instead of spending time with his friends, playing sports, and going to school, 15-year-old Grayson spent most of his time in treatment for Hodgkin's Lymphoma. For Grayson, the most difficult part was when his hair came out. Recalling the memory, his mom said, "It made it all real."

During difficult treatments, Grayson often imagined his life outside of his hospital walls. He pictured being reunited with his friends on the lake with the sun on his face and the wind in his hair. It was these visions that influenced Grayson to wish to have his very own Wave Runner.

While patiently waiting for his wish to come true, Grayson and his family were invited to speak at our annual Wish Ball gala. Walking into the event, Grayson noticed an extra special auction item parked outside the venue: a blue Yamaha Wave Runner just like the one he had been hoping for. During the event, representatives from Yamaha Motors, as well as Team Charlotte Motorsports, went up to the stage to talk about this particular item. Then they invited Grayson up to ask him what it would mean to have a WaveRunner of his own. Before the bidding could begin, they revealed to Grayson that it wasn't an auction item after all - it was his wish coming true!

When his wish came true, Grayson's mom said, "I don't think we were aware, until we took this journey, how incredibly nice people are. Our entire family was amazed and in awe about how much has happened and how much people are willing to do." Grayson can't wait for warmer weather so that he can hit the lake with his friends on his brand new WaveRunner. His wish shows how a wish gives children renewed energy and strength, brings families closer together and unites communities.