Cindy, 13

Blood Disorder

Cindy's Wish: "I wish to have a shopping spree!"
Granted By: GUTS 2017

Sweet and soft-spoken wish kid Cindy loves watching football, cheering on the Carolina Panthers, and eating French fries and pizza. Diagnosed with a blood disorder, Cindy spends much of her free time in treatments during which she escapes to new worlds through her favorite books. When her volunteer wish granters asked Cindy what she would like to do for her wish, she knew she wanted to go on a shopping spree for clothes, a laptop, and, of course, new books!

To start the day, Cindy and her family were picked up in a limo and brought to the mall for a special day of shopping. Cindy first stopped by Best Buy and then Books-A-Million, where she was able to get a new tablet for school and pick out lots of new books to read. Next, Cindy and her family were whisked off to Forever 21, Encore, and Journey's Shoes to build Cindy a brand new wardrobe. After a busy day of shopping, Cindy and her family headed to Olive Garden for a delicious dinner.

Cindy's parents remarked, "Cindy had the best time and couldn't wait to get home to start playing games on her computer and to begin reading her new books!" Now whenever she opens a new book or tries on her new clothes, she will be reminded of the unbelievable wish day she had.