Alexis, 3


Alexis' Wish: "I wish to go to Disney World!"
Granted By: GUTS 2016

Like many young girls, wish kid Alexis loves dancing, drawing and anything involving Elsa and the movie Frozen.

Whenever she sees her favorite characters, Alexis lights up and beams with excitement. With so much joy and happiness, you would never know she was born with an immune system disease. When volunteer wish granters asked what she would like her wish to be, it was clear that meeting Elsa at Disney World® would be the perfect wish for her.

Alexis and her family couldn't wait for a week of fun in the sun in Orlando, Florida. During the wish trip, the family stayed at Give Kids the World Village® and enjoyed all the incredible things it has to offer for children with life-threatening medical conditions. Alexis and her sister loved meeting all the characters at the Village, and even had a special visit from Santa Clause. The family had so much fun walking around all the parks including a stop at Animal Kingdom® and SeaWorld®.

For Alexis, the best part of the trip was a special visit from Elsa where they had a chance to play dominos and checkers, draw pictures and take lots of photos together.

After the trip, Alexis' mom said, "As a family, we have a new outlook on Alexis' future. Having a child with a critical illness takes a toll on the heart of parents and loved ones, but this trip has strengthened us as a family together.